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The Sigtuna Brass Sextet

The Sigtuna Brass Sextet, a non-profit organisation since 1967, originating from the oldest municipality (980 A.D.) of Sweden is dedicated to maintaining the rich brass traditions established since the early 1800’s in Sweden. Often military trained, brass musicians established a broad cultural function providing music for a village Saturday night dance, Sunday morning church service, Sunday afternoon park music, holiday festivals, government and formal ceremonies, entertainment programs, special theme concerts, school commencements, weddings, funerals, anniversaries etc.

The sextet wears the Swedish military captain’s uniform from the late 1700’s. Unique are the three buttons on the sleeves which represent the three kingdoms of Sweden at the time – Sweden , Norway and Finland . When the Swedish army surrendered to the Russian army after a brief battle outside of Helsinki , Finland in 1809, Finland was released to Russia . Many of the Swedish officers did not support the surrender and the habit of moving one button on the sleeve was adopted awaiting the reinstatement of Finland to the Swedish Kingdom.