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Sigtuna Messingsextett 110

Sigms – Roslagsvår

Sigms – I Sommarstaden

Sigms – De fyra polka

Sigms – Amoretten Parade

Sigms Säkkijärven Polka

The traditional repertoire includes adapted bravura operatic excerpts, military marches, folk dances, symphony orchestra adaptations, troubadour songs, folk songs, sacral works, established show tunes, beer-drinking songs, and imported Dixie and jazz tunes, etc. The sextet is especially partial to maintaining the traditions established by Bellman, Taube and Adolphson which seem to portray the Swedish heart during their contemporary periods. The repertoire has always kept up with the times so the listener will recognize many of the current favorites.

The Sigtuna Brass Sextet currently has the following programs available:

Dreaming of Elin – a delightful immigration story

A glass-blowing family from Karlstad, Sweden finds the going tough especially after their factory closes and some explore opportunities in America. Loved ones are left behind and dreams of a bright future dominate. One has an intriguing love experience. The performance includes music current during this period in Sweden and America.

The Royal Ball – in honor of the wedding of the Royal Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling on June 19, 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden we proudly present a portrayal of the festive ball following the wedding ceremony based on the poem of Gustaf Fröding. The portrayal includes a personal experience of attending such a ball including the embarrassing and magnificent with all the ballroom dances, procedures and introductions appropriate at such an event. The highlight is the entrance of the wedding couple and the appropriate fanfares, The Royal Family song and special solo sung by our guest artist Björn, baritone. The poem also depicts many of the aspects of Swedish life, values and even of life dreams and appreciations of the life hereafter.

Remembering Bellman, Taube and Adolphson

Guest artist Björn Sjögren portrays highlights from the major Swedish troubadours reflecting life felt at the deepest level in the Swedish heart from 1780 – 1980.

Scandinavian Folk dances

A collection of much loved dances including the hambo, schottis, waltz, polka, Finnish tango and two-step for dancing and listening pleasure.

Traditional Promenade Park Concert

The Sunday afternoon promenade concert in the park is a summer institution in Sweden with all the traditional contents of marches, overtures, waltzes, solo numbers, folk songs and dances, novelties, etc. The repertoire is from the early 1800’s to modern time.

Sweden Loves America Loves Sweden

Since the early 1900’s Sweden has fallen in love with many songs from America and we have learned of many songs from Sweden that America loves as well. Highlights from the early 1900’s like Over There’and Yankee Doodle Dandy, Alexander’s Ragtime Band, Beer Barrel Polka, The Saints go marching in etc, then 30’s – 80’s jazz, and finally current favorites.

Church Concert

May include the following pieces:

Svensk Flygarmarsch                                                    Helge Damberg

Potpourri ur Bröllopet på Ulfåsa                                 August Söderman

Vid Frösö Kyrka                                                             W. Peterson-Berger

Sommarsång                                                                   W. Peterson.Berger

Menuett ur orkestersviten Gustaf II Adolf               Hugo Alfvén

Intermezzo ur operan Cavalleria Rusticana             Mascagni

Menuette ur Eine Kline Nachtmusik                         W.A. Mozart

Song of Paradise                                                            B. King

Spökbrigaden, intermezzo                                          Myddleton

Olle Adolphson potpourri                                           Arr. Arne Eriksson

Södermalm                                                                    Thore Swanerud

El Relicario                                                                    J. Padilla

Norrland – tuba solo                                                   B. Nylin

General Cederschiöld                                                 Per Grundström

Signal Solemn                                                             Christer Danielsson

The sextet also makes tailor-made programs for special occasions.

We strive to not play faster than the listener can hear and enjoy!